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Dear Physicians:

We provide cutting-edge technologies, medical devices, and know-how that your staff can utilize in performing various diagnostic procedures in-house and bill for them where your contracts with insurance companies allow. We provide on-site medical diagnostic services covering major faculties for the convenience of your patients as well as additional revenue for your practice. Our agreements comply with Medicare & Stark laws. This option does not require any investment in Capital Equipment by your practice. We bring new modalities to your practice: Medical Aesthetics & Medical Weight Management Programs. We can also establish “Obesity Clinic” within your practice in collaboration with a nationally known, six-board certified, Obesity Specialty Physician. Whether you need an Internal Medicine physician, a Family Practitioner, or a Specialist: Cardiologist, Neurologist, Pulmnologist, or any other faculty physician, we explore our wide network of physicians and connect you with the physician(s) available for you. We bring business development and community outreach initiatives to you. Your mission is to effectively prevent, delay, detect, and control diseases. Our mission is to bring additional tools and superior technologies to help you achieve those noble objectives! We will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss possibilities. Please call us at 1-800-935-7841. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mohammad Sadique

President & CEO


   We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow. 

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